Scorpio Arm building in Shanghai

Many know us in the industry as Motor Option Barcelona, the company specialised in automotive services for film, TV and advertisement but not many know we also have some other services such as the total building of Scorpio Arms.

And some of you might think: What the heck is a Scorpio arm?

Basically The scorpio arm is a camera car concept that allows camera moves from a vehicle prepared by us, completely controlled from the inside and that also allows one to drive at higher speeds, achieving more stable and dynamical images, with absolute safety for the team members in the set.

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Scorpio Arm

So now that we know what exactly are we talking about, here you have some pictures of our guys building that “beauty” we’re so proud of in Shanghai (China) together with the “other” guys from Servicevision. ( in charge of all the on board technical aspects such as wiring, screen installation and video commands.

Here you have some pictures of the process… with a bit more communication difficulties than in India and Korea.


la foto 1
la foto 3 la foto 12

Anyway nothing stopped us from delivering on time and with our fine quality standards as usual.

la foto 24 la foto 34 la foto 33

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